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Cellulite Reduction Treatments

Common Cellulite Reduction Questions

What areas can be treated with Viora Reaction for cellulite?

Viora can be used on the upper thighs, buttocks, knees, hips, arms and any other body part with cellulite. Whether you have cellulite due to heredity, aging or a sedentary lifestyle, Viora can reduce fat, stimulate collagen growth and contour your body for a slimmer look.

What happens during a Viora radio frequency (RF) cellulite reduction treatment?

Our practitioner applies glycerin gel or oil to the treatment area, and then slides the Viora Reaction handpiece over the skin in concentrated movements. You'll feel a warm sensation similar to a deep tissue massage. We can adjust the setting to meet with your comfort level.

How long does each Viora cellulite reduction treatment last?

Treatments usually last an average of 30 minutes.

How soon will I see results?

You'll see and feel a difference after your first treatment, but you'll need to complete the initial course of 8 sessions for full results.

Will I need follow-up cellulite treatments?

Maintenance treatments for cellulite reduction are recommended every 3 months for most patients. Our practitioner will determine the best follow-up treatment schedule for you.

Is Viora cellulite reduction painful?

This in-office procedure requires no preparation time or anesthesia. The RF energy emitted from the hand piece penetrates the skin layers to contour thighs, buttocks and other body parts. The treatment may feel like a deep tissue or heat massage to some patients.

Is Viora Reaction cellulite reduction safe?

Viora is FDA-approved. It's safe and effective for reducing fat and cellulite on body parts, tightening skin on the face, neck and body reducing facial lines and wrinkles.

How is the Viora vacuum therapy setting used?

The vacuum therapy setting is used to smooth and contour upper thighs, buttocks and other body parts prone to cellulite, although it may be used for other conditions. You will feel heat and "suction".