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Buy Latisse Eyelash Enhancer for Thicker, Darker Lashes the Easy Way

Latisse eyelash enhancer is a prescription medication used to encourage the natural growth of thin, brittle lashes. Bimatoprost, the generic name for this medication, makes eyelashes grow in thicker, longer and darker with regular daily application. Latisse contains a substance similar to prostaglandin, a chemical in your body that helps grow lashes. Latisse is made by Allergan, the pharmaceutical company that also makes Botox and Juvederm. MyBotoxLA offers Latisse to help people with hypotrichosis (inadequate or thin lashes).

Buy Latisse for Gradual but Lush Eyelash Growth

Latisse helps you grow longer, thicker, darker lashes gradually. After 4 weeks, you may start to see lashes get longer. At 8 weeks, most patients see darker, fuller lashes. By 12 weeks, you see full, dark, long lashes. Full results appear after you've applied Latisse daily for 16 weeks. Latisse can be used by men and women who have thin, light eyelashes. Call us for a consultation and we'll determine if Latisse is right for you. Most people can use Latisse, except for people allergic to Bimatoprost. If you have an eye disorders or possible eye diseases, check with your doctor before using Latisse.

The FDA-approved solution is applied at home nightly to the base of your upper eyelashes. Applicator brushes are included with each prescription kit. You should only use the sterile applicators that come with the kit. Don't use any other eyelash brush or applicator.

Common Latisse side effects include eye redness and itching, which were seen in only 4% of clinical trial patients. Less common side effects are darkening of eyelid skin, dry or red eyelids and eye irritation. When Latisse is applied according to directions, most patients experience few, if any, side effects.

Buy Latisse if You're Committed to Having Long, Natural Eyelashes

Ask us about Latisse cost. It's more expensive than buying lash-thickening mascara at the drugstore, but it provides more natural, longer-lasting results. Latisse price may be a concern for some people, but over time, Latisse will give you better results than buying mascara, eyeliner and fake eyelashes that may harm eyelash health. (You can use mascara and eyeliner during your Latisse treatment - just wait until Latisse has dried to apply any eye makeup. One Latisse kit contains a bottle of solution and 30 applicators. Ask us about special discounts to Latisse cost for long-term patients.

If you are committed to having longer lashes, Latisse eyelash enhancer will renew the eyelash growth that fades with age. Studies show that women over 40 experience lighter, darker and shorter lashes as they age. Latisse eyelash enhancer gives you a more vibrant lash line, making you look younger and more alluring.

As we grow older, our natural, 4-phase eyelash growth cycle becomes less robust. Eyelashes don't grow in as rapidly, or with the thickness or dark color of our youth. Latisse prolongs the anagen, or growth phase, of your eyelashes, giving you full, luscious eyelashes. Younger women (and men) who experience inadequate lashes can also benefit from Latisse use.

If you miss one or more applications, don't increase the amount of solution you use on the next application. Restart your normal Latisse schedule, using one drop for each set of eyelashes. Your eyelashes may take a bit longer to grow if you skip a day or more, but resuming the normal treatment schedule will restart the cycle. Using more Latisse than directed won't make your eyelashes grow faster.

Once you notice full Latisse results at 16 weeks, continue to use the solution daily for uninterrupted eyelash growth. If you discontinue use, your eyelashes will return to their pre-treatment condition. If you have any questions about prolonged Latisse use, let us know.

How to Apply Latisse Eyelash Enhancer

Once you've received your Latisse prescription, you can start your daily application routine. Clean your face and eyelids and remove contact lenses. Remove applicator from the tray. Put one drop of the Latisse solution close to the applicator tip. Apply the solution on the skin of the upper eyelash margin where the lashes meet the skin. Blot off excess solution with a cotton pad or tissue. Throw away the applicator, and use a fresh applicator to place solution on the other eyelid. After 15 minutes, you can put your contact lenses in again.

Don't apply Latisse to the lower lid - it's for use on upper lashes only. Avoid letting the tip of the open bottle touch your fingers or another surface, as this can cause eye infections.

Grow longer, fuller darker lashes with Latisse eyelash enhancer. Get more glamorous eyelashes the natural way with Latisse!