PRP Injections for Hair Loss: What You Need to Know


Many people experience hair loss due to several reasons ranging from hormonal imbalance to hereditary medical conditions. Several remedies and treatments have been developed to combat hair loss for both men and women. One of such treatments is the PRP injections. This relatively new treatment has proven very effective in treating hair loss. The PRP Hair Restoration treatment can help you get the full, luscious, and healthy hair you’ve always wanted. If this sounds interesting, continue reading to learn about PRP injections for hair loss.

What is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) Therapy?

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy is an effective treatment initially used for treating the skin, muscles, and tendons. But over the years, after a series of research, it was discovered that PRP could also be used for treating hair loss. PRP therapy is a series of treatments involving platelet-rich plasma extracted from the patient’s blood. The extracted PRP is then injected into the scalp to heal the dead cells and cause hair growth. PRP injections contain rich compounds that help to increase the blood supplied to the roots of the hair, stimulating hair growth and thickness.

PRP hair Treatment Procedure

PRP therapy is an in-office procedure that takes less than an hour. The therapy involves three steps; extraction, processing, and injection.
Step 1 (extraction): The PRP therapy utilizes the patient’s blood, which is usually extracted from the arm of the patient. You don’t have to worry; the blood needed is a small quantity ranging between 10ml to 20ml. Once the blood is extracted, it’s put into a machine (centrifuge) for processing.
Step 2 (Processing): A centrifuge is a machine that helps to separate fluids based on their densities (weight). To process the blood, the centrifuge will be turned on and left to spin for 10 minutes to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the other blood components. The separation is in three layers, the platelet-poor plasma, platelet-rich plasma, and the red blood cells.
Step 3 (Injections): The separated plasma is then drawn into injection and injected into the scalp (the areas that need hair restoration).
For effective results, PRP hair treatment must be done thrice, with each session occurring after 4 to 6 weeks. Make sure you don’t skip any of the three sessions. If, after the end of the third session, you still need more treatment. Your doctor will check and test to see if the treatment should continue.
Importantly, PRP hair treatment can be combined with another form of hair treatment; however, endeavor to check with your doctor.

Planning for PRP hair loss therapy

Here are some tips to follow to set yourself in the mood for PRP hair loss therapy.
Keep your hair clean: Before your scheduled PRP hair treatment, it is advisable to first shampoo and condition your hair to remove dirt and grease. This will also keep your scalp sterile and ready for injections.
Healthy meal: PRP therapy involves blood extraction, though, in small quantities. So it’s recommended to eat some healthy meals before your procedure. This will help prevent any nauseous and dizzy feelings.
Avoid Hairspray And Other Chemicals: Avoid using hair gel or hairspray a couple of days before your PRP hair treatment procedure. Also, avoid perming your hair three days before your PRP procedure. This will make your scalp sensitive and cause unsolicited side effects.
Stay away from alcohol and smoking: Alcohol and smoking can reduce the platelet count in your blood; hence you should stay away from consuming alcohol or smoking before your PRP procedure.

What can I expect after a PRP treatment?

After taking your PRP hair loss injections, the injected areas might feel slightly sore and tender, but you don’t have to worry. The soreness will ease off after a couple of days. PRP therapy doesn’t stop you from going on with your daily activities; the therapy will not leave you feeling weak, tired, or drowsy.

Who is a Good candidate for PRP treatment?

PRP injections for hair loss can be used by both males and females experiencing hair loss. It’s suitable for anyone experiencing hair thinning or androgenic alopecia (baldness). PRP hair treatment is also suitable for people between 18 to 72 years old.

How Long Does It Take To See Results From PRP Therapy?

The time frame for showing significant hair restoration results varies from patient to patient and also depends on the cause or nature of the hair loss. Nevertheless, notable results can be seen within 3 to12 months. For patients with hereditary androgenic alopecia or other hereditary hair loss conditions, notable hair restoration after PRP injection can be seen between 3 and 6 months.

Does Insurance Cover Prp Hair Loss Treatments?

Though PRP therapy is used to treat medical conditions such as alopecia, the therapy is not regarded as a medical treatment. PRP hair treatment is categorized as a cosmetic procedure. Hence it might not be included in most insurance plans. However, since insurance companies have different policies, you can make inquiries about what is included in your insurance plan from your insurance company.

How Long Do PRP Treatment Results Last?

How long your PRP injection lasts depends on the hair loss’s nature or cause. For instance, if PRP hair therapy is used to treat hair loss caused by hereditary conditions such as Androgenetic alopecia. The last result will depend on the injection treatment’s consistency, as PRP can not cure Androgenetic alopecia. It can only treat it. So it would help if you repeated the treatment frequently to maintain the result.
If the hair thinning or hair loss is stress-induced, the PRP treatment can sufficiently handle the hair loss permanently once the PRP therapy is done and the patients stay away from stress.
In general, the results of PRP injection for hair loss can last for years before you take another series of PRP therapy.
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