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Cheek Augmentation

Cheek Filler Injectioins -  Restore Youthful Fullness Without Surgery

When you smile, full “apple” cheeks signify youth. Once your cheeks lose volume, it gives your face a hollow look, and even a smile won’t plump up your cheeks. Shadows fall into the hollows and make you appear tired and old. When cheeks are flat instead of full, people will draw their attention to your mouth instead of your eyes. Hollow cheeks make your face seem lopsided instead of well-balanced.

Our Los Angeles Cheek Filler treatment renews the full “apple” cheeks of your youth and plumps up your cheeks to give you more defined cheekbones.

Most women first notice a reduction in cheek volume in their late 20s to early 40s. Using an injectable filler will plump up your cheeks and give you an “apple” when you smile. Your under eye hollows (and the shadows that make them worse) will be replaced with a fuller, more vibrant look.

What Dermal Fillers Are Best for Cheek Injections?

Soft, reversible fillers

Soft and natural hyaluronic acid fillers work well for patients receiving cheek injections for the first time. HA is a completely safe substance that occurs naturally in the body. It won’t cause any lumps or bumps under the skin after an injection. Our medical aesthetician can mold and shape your cheeks to your specifications. She will let you see how your cheeks look by giving you a hand mirror. If you don’t like what you see, she can change the shape of your cheeks by sculpting it differently or adding more fillers in cheeks.

This type of filler absorbs in four to six months. If you’ve never had a cheel filler injection, you won’t be “stuck” with the results for long if you don’t like them. Simply return to our aesthetician’s office for another visit when the natural fillers wears down. We’ll work with you to find the right look for your cheeks with each follow-up or maintenance treatment.

The natural HA injections can be reversed within 24 to 48 hours of the appointment if you don’t like them. Patients rarely ask for a reversal, but it’s good to know you can go back to your original cheeks almost immediately if you’re not pleased with the results.

Thick, longer-lasting fillers

Dermal fillers made with a substance called hydroxyapatite are also used as a cheekbone filler. These solutions are injected into the cheeks to give them more volume, just like softer fillers. Unlike softer fillers, they’re thicker and may cause lumps and bumps under the skin in some patients. Lumps are rare, but they can be massaged until they disappear.

Stiffer injectables last 9 to 12 months, almost twice as long as the softer, reversible fillers. Long-lasting, thick dermal fillers aren’t reversible after the procedure. If you don’t like the results, you’ll need to wait up to a year for your cheeks to return to their original condition. For this reason, new patients who’re unsure of how they want their cheeks to look should consider using softer filler first to experiment with different looks. Once you’re confident about how you want your cheeks to look, stiffer dermal filler will give you plump cheeks for up to a year. You’ll need to follow through with maintenance appointments every 9 to 12 months, or your cheeks will flatten and return to their pre-treatment flatness.

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What Happens During a Cheek Filler Injection?

During your Los Angeles cheek filler consultation, our medical aesthetician will discuss your goals and help you determine the best way to achieve them using cheekbone fillers. By using fillers to contour, define and shadow the cheekbone area, non-invasive treatment can restore youthful volume and definition. This will help bring out your eyes and make your face look brighter and more balanced.

Our medical aesthetician marks the precise areas on the cheeks that will receive the injections. She’ll numb the cheeks with a topical cream to prevent discomfort. (Some dermal fillers already contain a numbing cream. Ask the aesthetician for details.)  Once the cream takes effect, she uses a very fine needle to inject the filler of your choice into the deep tissues of your cheeks.

If you choose stiff, longer-lasting dermal filler, it will have a “scaffolding” effect, and prompt cells to grow around the injection site. This type of filler causes your body to produce collagen in the injected area. This increased collagen production boosts the amount of time the filler stays in your body.

During a cheek injections, the filler can be injected above the cheekbones to give them a chiseled look, or placed in the soft tissue to lift the cheeks and correct a hollow or tired appearance.

Advantages of Dermal Fillers for Cheeks

Cheek injections don't produce long-lasting results like fat implants or surgery, but they offer many advantages to more complicated procedures.

Both natural fillers and thicker dermal fillers offer immediate improvement in your appearance, while surgery won’t show results for up to two months. Surgery leaves you with a swollen face for a month or two. Injections have no downtime, although some patients may experience bruising or tenderness for a few days or a week after the procedure.  There’s also little risk of infection and complications with injections.

You can talk to our medical aesthetician in real time during the injection treatment abut how you want your cheeks to look. With surgery and implants, you need to make a decision before the procedure takes place. You can’t change it during (or after) the surgery. 

Precautions, Side Effects and Post Cheekbone Filler Treatment Care

You may feel a “pinch” when the needle is first injected into the skin, but it will pass quickly. The numbness from a topical cream (or numbing cream include in the filler) will last from one to three hours.

After treatment, you may notice redness or injection marks, which typically fade after a few hours. A few patients may experience discomfort after the procedure. Take Tylenol for pain, but avoid aspirin, Motrin, fish oil and other blood-thinners for a week.

If there’s swelling around the injection site, elevate your head when sleeping the first night. You can participate in light activities the first 24 hours after the injection treatment, but avoid strenuous exercise.

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