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Xeomin - An Alternative to Botox

When the FDA approved Botox for cosmetic use in 2002, non-invasive proceduresbecame the first viable alternative to plastic surgery. By injecting a tiny amount of diluted botulinum toxin into muscles under the skin, medical providers could now reduce wrinkles, soften frown lines and combat other signs of aging during a short office visit.

Prior to Botox (and the advent of Radiesse and other dermal fillers), invasive plastic surgery, with its complications and lengthy recovery time, was the only proven solution for men and women who wanted to freshen their looks and regain the supple complexion of their youth.

In 2010, the FDA approved the use of Xeomin for improving moderate to severe frown lines (also known as glabellar lines) between the eyebrows. The FDA granted approval after clinical trials in the U.S. involving 547 adult patients. The studies concluded this treatment successfully reduced frown lines between the eyebrows.

It blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles, stopping contractions. Without constant muscle movement, wrinkles and frown lines soften or disappear.

Patients who don't respond well to Botox may fare better with Xeomin. IncobotulinumtoxinA, the only active ingredient, isn't coated with protein like Botox. Because it contains a plain form of botulinum toxin type A, there's nothing to interfere with its functionality even in the most sensitive patients.

It doesn't need to be refrigerated, making transport effortless. Ease of storage and it's additive-free formula gives it a longer shelf life.

With Xeomin treatments wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes become smoother and the skin above your eyebrows may appear "lifted" (aging eyebrows have a weary look). Sagging, wrinkled skin makes you look tired, but this treatment perks up your face, making you appear more alert and relaxed. The degree of line and wrinkle reduction is related to the severity of the patient's condition and the amount of injection used during treatment. The injection usually lasts three months.

Contact us to find out if this is a good treatment choice for you!

**Tell us if you take blood thinners or medication that interferes with blood clotting such as aspirin or warfarin. These medications may cause you to experience bleeding or bruising at the site of the injection**