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Xeomin Treatments

Xeomin Injections in Los Angeles

Your Xeomin treatment will begin by cleansing the area to be treated, then our medical licensed injector will ask you to smile, frown or look surprised. This activates the muscles to be treated. After identifying the target area, we may outline it with washable marker. Injection follows, with a normal treatment consisting of 6 to 25 Xeomin injections. The number of injections during your treatment depends on the size of the target area and the severity of your frown lines, wrinkles or crow's feet. After treatment, your brows may appear lifted and your eyelids may have an open look. Xeomin refreshes your face, giving it a more pleasant, vibrant look. If you find that frown lines between your eyebrows or forehead lines make you look old, tired or angry, Xeomin can help!

Is Xeomin a Botox Alternative?

Many of our clients get regular BOTOX treatments, and swear by the product. Some others are switching to Xeomin as it is a purer formula and believed to be less likely to product an allergic reaction. Both products work by affecting the nerves that trigger muscle motion beneath the skin, causing them to relax and stop creating the creases and lines due to facial motion. A difference in Xeomin is that it contains only the key ingredient that causes the muscle relaxation, without the additional proteins found in BOTOX. Patients who don't respond well to Botox may fare better with Xeomin. IncobotulinumtoxinA, the only active ingredient, isn't coated with protein like Botox. Because it contains a plain form of botulinum toxin type A, there's nothing to interfere with its functionality even in the most sensitive patients. So yes Xeomin is a good Botox alternative!

What Our Clients Say

Excellent 5 Star Rating on Yelp

Yelp Rating 5 Star

" What an amazing experience! The office and all the girls that work at My Botox LA are lovely. Yana did my Botox. But rather than just inject away she actually took my facial structure and facial symmetry into account before we both decided how much she was going to inject. The result is beautifully natural. I don't look frozen or fake. Just well rested and 10 years younger! I'll definitely be back!!! "

- DK, Sherman Oaks
Yelp Reviews
Yelp Rating 5 Star

"Great experience for a first time Botox patient! The treatment left me looking very natural (not frozen) as I had hoped. Yana spent a lot of time talking me through each part of the procedure so I was informed and comfortable. Also, the office was clean and contemporary and office assistants were terrific. I'm looking forward to future treatments." 

- AJ, Los Angeles
Yelp Reviews
Yelp Rating 5 Star

"I expressed how much botox was given to me by another dr last year, (which caused a dent on my forehead)and surprised at how little she wanted to place the botox on my forehead for a natural look. Omg 1 week later ! So natural and beautiful like she promised ! I guess i found my go to botox person. Thank you !" 

- GK, Tustin
Yelp Reviews


Xeomin vs Botox

Our Los Angeles patients often ask us Xeomin vs Botox what should I get?  Xeomin and Botox both contain neurotoxins to temporarily paralyze facial muscles in the treatment area. This softens any wrinkles, lines or crow's feet caused by facial movements. Botox and Xeomin provide roughly the same overall results for most patients. There is one major reason some patients may benefit more from Xeomin vs Botox, and it has to do with how the product is made.

Xeomin injections use the same natural components offered by Botox's main ingredient, the bacteria Clostridium botulinum, but unlike Botox, Xeomin has no additives.  Xeomin is formulated from incobotulinumtoxinA, a Type A botulinum toxin. It's a neurotoxin that stops muscle activity in the treatment area by blocking contraction-causing chemicals. Xeomin contains only active components, as the manufacturing process removes dormant ingredients. You'll receive 100% pure neurotoxin during the treatment to freeze muscle activity and make your skin smooth and line-free. If you haven't responded to Botox injections, it may be due to the antibodies forming around proteins in Botox's main ingredient. Patients who see poor results with Botox may respond well to Xeomin injections. There's less risk of an allergic reaction to Xeomin, since it is a "naked" neurotoxin without added proteins. 

 Unlike Botox, Xeomin doesn't need to be refrigerated between uses. It contains no additives, just botulinum toxin type A. This may reduce the chance of some patients developing antibodies. If a patient's body senses that it's a foreign invader, the individual may develop antibodies to fight it and not achieve the desired cosmetic result.

Any condition treatable with Botox can be corrected with Xeomin injections. Ask us which product is best for your needs. Both products shouldn't be used interchangeably. If one works for you, continue to use it. If you've tried Dysport, another type of botulinum toxin used to smooth out frown lines between the eyebrows, and gotten less than stellar results, Xeomin may work better for you. If you would like more detailed information on benefits of Xeomin vs Botox please contact us.

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What is Xeomin 

Xeomin is a recent development in advanced aesthetics and is proving to be exceptionally effective for skin smoothing and for reducing the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. This product is a good BOTOX alternative, because it reduces the muscle motion producing lines, creases, and wrinkles, it is a purer formula. It is free from additives and this fact alone may reduce the risk for developing antibodies that will eventually limit how well a product works.

In 2010, the FDA approved the use of Xeomin for improving moderate to severe frown lines (also known as glabellar lines) between the eyebrows. The FDA granted approval after clinical trials in the U.S. involving 547 adult patients. The studies concluded this treatment successfully reduced frown lines between the eyebrows.

It blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles, stopping contractions. Without constant muscle movement, wrinkles and frown lines soften or disappear.  It doesn't need to be refrigerated, making transport effortless. Ease of storage and it's additive-free formula gives it a longer shelf life.

Contact us now to find out if  Xeomin injections in Los Angeles is a good treatment choice for you! We are proud to service patients all throughout the Valley from Studio City, Sherman Oaks and Encino.   


Xeomin Before and After Photos

Before and After Photo Before and After Photo

More Xeomin Before and After Photos 

Common Xeomin Injection Questions

How does Xeomin Work?

When you frown, grimace, laugh or make other facial expressions, the muscles underneath your skin contracts. As you repeat these expressions over years or decades, they create frown lines between your eyebrows. Xeomin is an FDA-approved treatment to treat moderate to severe frown lines between the brows. A smooth, unlined brow naturally looks younger. It works by affecting the nerves that trigger muscle motion. These muscle layers are constantly in motion, and eventually create wrinkles and lines. As with any injectable product, the amount used and the area into which it is injected could not be more important. At our Medical Spa, we are proud to be known for our exceptional skill in injecting Xeomin, and for helping our Los Angeles clients look younger, fresher, and – natural.

What is Xeomin Used For?

An FDA-approved treatment for glabellar lines (frown lines between the eyebrows), Xeomin also reduces facial wrinkles, forehead lines and crow's feet. It stops muscles from moving at the injection site, which reduces lines and makes skin look smoother. Lines, wrinkles and crow's feet form after repetitive smiling, frowning and other facial expressions. Like Botox, Xeomin temporarily freezes muscle activity in the target areas. Xeomin treatment at MyBotoxLA usually lasts from 20 to 30 minutes, so you can stop by our office on your lunch hour. You'll see full results in 7-10 days. One Xeomin injection keeps your skin smoother and gives your face a more relaxed, alert appearance for about 3 months. Line and wrinkle improvement varies among patients.  Although wrinkles and lines will gradually return after 3 months, you'll notice they'll be softer and less prominent. This occurs because your facial muscles are being trained to relax. If you're looking for a safe, non-surgical anti-aging treatment for frown lines, wrinkles or crow's feet, Xeomin offers a choice.

What is the Xeomin Recovery Time?

There is no recovery time with Xeomin injections. You will have no restrictions and can get your treatment during lunch break, and then return to work as normal. One of the greatest advantages of this product is that you do not have to worry about taking time away from your normal routine – just get the injections in a short appointment and return to life as usual. Post treatment, you cannot lie down for four hours, and avoid any deep massage of the area for four days. 


 How long will it take for Xeomin Injections to work?

The optimum improvement is achieved after 30 days, but typically, smoother skin begins to be evident about three to four days after you get your injections. The product lasts for about three months, although some clients may need the next treatment sooner, or find that the smoothing effect lasts longer than expected – everyone is slightly different.

Is it safe to get Xeomin injections?

The results of the treatment are temporary and safe. It is approved by the FDA for use and is considered a safe injectable.  Certain people have physical conditions that make them an inappropriate candidate for the treatment, but this is very rare. As with any injectable, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should wait to get treatment. If you take muscle relaxants, allergy or cold medicines, sleep medication, or blood thinners, you may not be an appropriate candidate for this treatment.  Please tell us about any conditions that you may have during your no obligation consultatio in our Los Angeles Medcal Spa.

How many units of Xeomin are used in treating facial wrinkles?

Every person is different, but typical clients require about 20 units per area. If you are only coming in for Xeomin injections we have a 20 unit minimum. If you are getting other treatments there is no minimum.

Who makes Xeomin?

There are three different types of products made with botulinum: Xeomin, BOTOX, and Dysport. Xeomin is produced by Merz Pharma, the same company that developed Radiesse. It has been used across Europe since 2008 and got FDA approval in 2011. Since that time, it has consistently been used to successfully treat facial lines, wrinkles, and creases.

What are the Xeomin Side Effects ?

Most clients experience no side effects, other than a slight redness at the injection site. We pride ourselves on being able to limit any potential bruising in the injections of Xeomin or other injectables. It is all about the skill and care with which the product is applied to the area needing treatment. It is very rare for any serious side effects to occur with Xeomin injections. Some patients feel a mild itchy sensation. The treated area may look like a mosquito bite for up to 60 minutes. Any redness should fade within hours. If you have bruising, it may take 7 to 10 days to fade. You can cover up bruises with make-up anytime after Xeomin treatment.  Neck pain, headaches or redness are less common. Discuss any possible Xeomin side effects with us prior to treatment. 

Pre and Post Treatment Tips

Don't take aspirin or any blood-thinning medication or supplement for 2 days after treatment. Don't lie down for 2 to 4 hours after treatment to maintain placement of the injectable. Discontinue use of aspirin or other blood-thinning medications a week before receiving treatment to reduce the chance of bleeding. 

Were committed to offering some of the best Xeomin injections Los Angeles has ever seen. Give us a call and schedule your consultation today!  

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