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Neck Lift Treatments

The Advantages of a Non-Surgical Neck Lift

A condition informally called “turkey neck” affects many middle-aged and older individuals. Although it’s commonly associated with loose, sagging skin on the jowls and neck, there are other signs that indicate loose of muscle and skin tone in the neck due to aging. They include prominent vertical neck bands and drooping muscles on the side of the jaw.

A non-invasive neck lift, for example Los Angeles ultherapy treatment, is a safe way to treat turkey neck caused by excessive movement and aging of muscles on the front and side of the neck. Injections of incobotulinumtoxinA or onabotulinumtoxinA temporarily block muscle activity in treated neck muscles, preventing the movement that causes the beginning stages of “turkey neck”. 

Neck Bands

The vertical neck bands that bulge out in many older patients are actually platysma muscles. (Platysma muscles tend to be more prominent in older women than in older men.) When you turn your neck from side to side or tighten it, these muscles may be quite prominent in some people. Vertical bands appear and tighten as we age due to the structural changes in our necks and faces, such as jowls or a double chin. These bands merge with muscles that cause marionette lines. If not treated, marionette lines and vertical neck bands combine to make your face constantly look sad or droopy. In many patients, a neck injection is combined with injections for vertical neck bands to give the neck area a more youthful appearance.

How Vertical Neck Bands Form

Fat and collagen disappears in the neck as well the face as we get older. This makes the platysma muscles more prominent. The muscles aren’t as visible when we’re younger, but after four, five or more decades of use, they’re apparent even when not in use. Neck bands sometimes form if patients lose a lot of weight, but age is the usual culprit. One to three bands may form, but most people only develop one band.

A muscle relaxing injection treatment usually consists of between 20 and 40 separate injections on the neck, depending on the size and location of the neck bands. Small bands only need one or two units. Large neck bands may need between five and ten injections at various sites to make the entire muscle is “frozen”. Our medical aesthetician applies a numbing cream to the treatment area before injection, so you won’t feel much discomfort during the procedure.

Smooth out vertical neck bands and lift sagging necks with injections of “muscle freezing” solutions. This procedure is called a Nefertiti neck lift, and it makes the neck look more slender and youthful. Injecting a preferred brand of a muscle relaxing solution into the neck’s platysma muscles and adjoining muscles relieves that turkey neck look many patients get as they age.

For women who’ve developed a square, more masculine jawline over the years due to neck tension, a Nefertiti neck lift can help restore a more feminine jawline. An injection of muscle-relaxing solution softens your neck’s appearance. This helps to contour your jaw and bring more attention to your cheeks.

Injectable Solutions for “Turkey Neck”

An injectable solution to relax neck muscles offers a non-invasive treatment which erases neck bands and lifts jowls at the same time. To treat neck bands, our medical aesthetician injects muscles at the front of the neck. With the Nefertiti Lift, muscles to the side of the neck are also injected with a muscle-relaxing solution. You’ll see results in a week or two, and they’ll last for up to six months.

Injectable solutions reduce the appearance of vertical neck bands and sagging muscles on the side of the neck. This quick, in-office procedure has minimal discomfort and no downtime. You will need to return for follow-up treatments every four to six months. With each succeeding injection of muscle-relaxing solution, the muscles will become used to its effects, and you’ll need less of the solution to achieve the same results.

When the toxin is used over and over, the muscles in the neck band weaken enough so your turkey neck becomes less prominent even without injections, but you’ll still need to have follow-up treatments. Continuing the injections with a reduced amount of solution once or twice a year will keep your neck smooth.

The muscle-freezing injections cause skin to move upward. This makes the jawline look sharper, and lifts up the corners of the mouth. The skin on your neck will look smoother, as muscle activity in the bands underneath will be blocked.

Think of an injection of muscle relaxant as a way to smooth and soften your neck for a more youthful appearance. However, injections can’t increase volume in the neck or tighten skin.

Precautions, Side Effects and Aftercare

Side effects of a non-invasive neck treatment include:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Neck pain
  • Stiff neck
  • Tenderness

For a few days before and after receiving injections, avoid taking aspirin, ibupofren, St. John’s Wort, Vitamin E, fish oil, or any supplement or medication that thins the blood. You can take Tylenol for pain, if necessary.

Final Thoughts on a Non-Invasive Neck Lift

Injectable solutions for a turkey neck relax the muscles so they’re less noticeable. The muscle freezing solutions only relax neck muscles; they don’t tighten loose skin. If you suffer from a sagging neck skin and want to tighten it, ask our medical aesthician for advice on the best injectable to use. Be aware that injectable solutions work well on vertical muscle bands but are less effective on horizontal bands.

A “liquid” neck treatment can be used along with other injectable procedures, such as a brow lift or cheek augmentation, to refresh your face without the time and expense of surgery. Although some people may be concerned about having several tiny injections on their neck, the procedure is well-tolerated by patients. The numbing cream applied before treatment prevents discomfort. You might feel a slight pinch from the very fine needle, but the treatment is painless for most patients.

Non Surgical Neck Lift Consultation 

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