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Freeze the Fat with Non-Surgical CoolSculpting

Achieve a more contoured, attractive figure by reducing the fat in your waist, abdomen, thighs or other problem areas with CoolSculpting. MyBotoxLA now offers this non-invasive alternative to liposuction, which was cleared by the FDA for fat reduction in 2010. Freezing the fat on targeted body areas is known by the scientific term, cryolipolyis, and Zeltiq's trademarked freezing treatment, CoolScuplting, can be customized to suit your problem areas, amount of fat, goals and body shape.

Freeze and Eliminate Fat Cells in the Treatment Area

Fat cells freeze faster than skin cells. The CoolSculpting process uses thermoelectric freezing designed to cool down and ultimately kill fat cells, while leaving your surface skin and other parts of the body untouched. Reducing fat volume in the treatment area eliminates pesky bulges (such as muffin tops and love handles), and helps clothes fit better. The fat cells frozen during CoolSculpting won't grow back. They are permanently removed by the body's metabolic processes.

Fat Reduction and Weight Loss

When you lose weight, your fat cells get smaller, but they don't go away. When you gain weight fat cells get bigger. The fat-freezing treatment eliminates the number of fat cells. The fat cells in untreated parts of your body remain the same. After receiving a cooling treatment in our office, the fat-reducing process continues, as fat cells freeze, collapse and die. The healthy, remaining cells consume the dead fat cells, which then leave your body naturally. Fat cells are removed gradually, without any change in your body's cholesterol level or blood lipids.

Freeze the fat in the following body parts with CoolSculpting:

  • Waist
  • Double Chin
  • Abdomen and "Muffin Top"
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Back (bra fat)
  • Upper Arms
  • Flank and "Love Handles"

You'll see a subtle improvement in 3 weeks. It takes 3 or 4 months for CoolSculpting to take full effect and permanently eliminate apoptotic fat cells in the treated area. With patients reporting an average fat reduction of 22% to 25%, this non-invasive procedure offers excellent results with minimum treatment time. You'll see results after one treatment, but you may return for 2 or more treatments if you need additional sculpting. We recommend waiting for three months between procedures.

What Happens During Treatment?

After a personalized consultation, we'll map the body part(s) to be treated, and put a gel sheet over it. No medication or anesthesia is used prior to treatment.

Your practitioner then runs the applicator over the body part covered by the gel sheet. The sculpting device uses a vacuum applicator fitted for your target area to draw fat away from your trunk. The device's cooling panel will freeze the fat layers underneath your surface skin. In a few minutes, you'll feel a cold sensation, followed by slight tingling or cramping (from the cooling panel) or pinching and pulling (from the vacuum suction) until the area turns numb. Any discomfort should disappear in about 5 to 10 minutes.

Sensors control the temperature to ensure treatment is comfortable. During treatment, you can read, browse the internet, listen to music, watch a movie or just relax. It takes 35 minutes to an hour to treat one area, and you can have multiple areas treated during one visit (or over several visits).

Our practitioner removes the device once the cycle is completed and massages the target area to restore regular blood flow. There's no downtime, and you can return to work or run errands right after treatment.

Few Side Effects; Little to No After Care Needed

Side effects include redness, swelling, numbness or pain which usually subside within a few hours. Redness may last for up to 2 weeks in some patients. A week or 2 after receiving treatment, you may develop itching, bruising, sensitive skin or swelling. See your doctor if these side effects last longer than 2 weeks. Patients who've received treatment on their midsection, buttocks or thighs can reduce pain by wearing shapewear or Spanx for 3-4 days after visiting our office.

You won't need to take any supplements or change your routine after your treatment, but eating right and exercising is always recommended to stay in shape.

Fat Reduction through Cooling Treatment is Safe for Most Patients

This fat reduction method benefits men and women from 18 to 80 years old, and there are few contraindications. If you have paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria (a rare form of anemia) or cryoglobulinemia (a condition which causes blood to become insoluble when exposed to cold). Anyone with a chronic medical condition should talk to their doctor before undergoing cool sculpting about possible preparations for treatment.

It's Safe to Have Liposuction or Laser Lipo after CoolSculpting

You'll experience no scarring, wrinkling or dimpling after your procedure. Your tissue will look normal under a microscope, so there's no reason you can't have laser lipo or liposuction. Wait until at least four months after your procedure to undergo surgical liposuction or SmartLipo, preferably longer.

Science Proves Freezing the Fat Works

Medical studies back up Cool Sculpting's efficacy -

  • A study conducted at the University of Minnesota Medical School's Dermatology Department concluded that cryolipolysis (the medical term for fat freezing) "has been shown to significantly decrease subcutaneous fat and change body contour." The researchers also noted the treatment won't change surface skin or blood lipids. 1
  • In 2009, researchers at the UCLA Medical Center's School of Dermatology found cryolipolysis treatment showed up to an 80% reduction in thickness of the top fat layer. No adverse effects, including scarring or changes in liver function and blood lipids, were noted. 2
  • A scientific brief published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology in 2013 showed Cool Sculpting results (flank area) last 3-5 years after treatment, even when patients gain weight. 3

Fat-freezing treatments have a patient satisfaction rate of 75-95%. Freeze the fat keeping you from the youthful, shapely figure you desire!

Individual results may vary.

CoolSculpting is a safe and effective way to get rid of love handles, muffin tops and stubborn fat on other areas of the body. Call us today to schedule your consultation.