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Chemical Peel Treatments

Common ViPeel Questions

How Does ViPeel Work?

Our practitioner spreads the ViPeel solution on your skin. ViPeel then causes a reaction within the skin to make the top layers peel off, letting new tissue grow. By removing damaged surface skin, ViPeel lets fresh new skin cells take its place, giving your complexion a more glowing, vibrant appearance. The ViPeel application helps renew collagen production for faster healing and more youthful looking skin. Each application takes about 30 minutes.

The solution remains on your skin for a week. (Your practitioner will give you instructions on post-application care.) Your skin will start to peel the 3rd day, with final results apparent on the 6th or 7th day.

How is ViPeel Different from Other Chemical Peels?

Unlike other chemical peels, ViPeel has an anesthetic in its solution to reduce discomfort. This eliminates the need for a separate pre or post-treatment anesthetic. Unlike a regular chemical peel ViPeel addresses deeper layers of your skin yielding better results.

Does ViPeel chemical peel burn?

No. You'll feel some stinging when it's first applied, but that will pass quickly. Skin numbing occurs after the application of the solution. The practitioner may use a fan in the treatment room to reduce the initial stinging sensation, and the anesthetic in ViPeel will soothe your skin shortly after treatment begins.

How long before I see an improvement in my skin?

One ViPeel session at our medi-spa can repair damaged skin and restore a fresh, healthy glow. If you have enlarged pores, acne scars or hyper-pigmentation, you may require several ViPeel applications. ViPeel is an anti-aging treatment that restores your skin, repairing damage from acne scarring, wrinkles or too much sun.

How frequently can I have chemical peels and how often should I receive treatment?

To prevent premature aging of the skin, ViPeel is recommended every three months. Once a month treatment may be necessary for extremely scarred or damaged skin. Our practitioner will help you determine the right course of treatment for your skin type.

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