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European Facials

MBR European Facials - for the Ultimate in Beauty

MBR (Medical Beauty Research) skincare offer the ultimate in luxury anti-aging & moisturizer facials developed by pharmacists & dermotologists in Germany. Formulated with natural, high-end ingredients, MBR skin care products can be used as part of several specially designed rejuvenating facials performed in our office. For aging, dry, damaged or thinning skin, MBR skincare products provide high-quality treatments in the form of serums, balancing gels, eye creams, masks toners and cleansers. If you're looking for a non-invasive way to moisturize your skin and renew collagen production, come try our MBR facial!

MBR Skin care offers Pure Perfection 100 N facial. This facial stimulates the first two layers of your skin, the epidermis and dermis, reviving your skin's structure. Pure Perfection contains neuromuscular blocking compounds designed to reduce creases and wrinkles. This three-step facial treatment is suggested to accompany outpatient aesthetic procedures. Ask us if Pure Perfection 100 N is a suitable extra for your Viora or injectable treatment. Pure Perfection and other MBR beauty products can be used as part of an in-office facial treatment, and MBR cosmetic products are also available for personal use at home.

Pure Perfection 100 N Liquid Surgery facial follows almost exactly the same steps as Pure Perfection 100 N facial treatment. It focuses on reviving cell metabolism to uncover a youthful and smooth complexion. Pure oxygen replaces excess carbon dioxide during a high-tech but comfortable 60 minute facial. It can be performed as a standalone facial, but can also be used to accompany other aesthetic treatments.

If you interested in learning more about MBR skincare facials at our Studio City practice, please call us or use our online contact form to set up a consultation. We'll help you find the best MBR skin care facial or product for your skin type.

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Common European Facials Questions

What Happens During a MBR Skincare Pure Perfection 100 N Liquid Surgery® Facial ?

First Phase - Open While you relax in out treatment room, our MBR trained aestethician will begin your facial by applying Two in One Cleanser to your face. Two in One Cleanser contains amino acid based detergent substances and potent emulsifiers to cleanse your skin's surface. It increases natural moisture and helps skin regenerate new cells. This anti-aging product helps soften dry, damaged skin. Its ingredients include Aprilose (natural apricot kernel oil polymer) and Abyssinian oil. After a deep cleanse with Beta-Enzyme, a skin care gel made with Alpha and Beta hydroxyl acids, removes sebum and lipid deposits. It activates skin rejuvenation for a smoother, more radiant complexion. We then apply Balancing Sedative Gel over the Beta-Enzyme, followed by Start Facial Booster to end the Open, or first phase of treatment.

Second Phase - Treat The second phase of your facial begins with Liquid Surgery Serum to increase the oxygen level of cells while refining your skin's surface structure. This high-end beauty product contains Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter and Perfluorocarbons (Liquid Surgery Complex). Then Algae Modelage, a cooling peel off mask with algae extracts, is applied to the face and sets for ten minutes before being removed. This mask tightens and calms the skin. We then apply Bio Active Matrix Cream 100, a deep penetrating cream that detoxifies stem cells to prevent deep wrinkles and tighten sagging skin. This is followed by Physical Thermo Transfer Mask to smooth irregularities and detoxify cells. This Facial is much more intense than other luxury moisturizing facials. It moisturizes and hydrates your skin under the surface for a youthful complexion.

Third Phase - Close The 60 minute Facial ends with Bio Active Matrix Cream 100 and Eye Cream Smooth 100 to nourish skin and seal in essential nutrients.

What Happens During a MBR Skincare Pure Perfection 100 N Facial?

The regular Pure Perfection 100 N® Facial contains the same steps as the Liquid Surgery Facial, but Cross Lift Serum Ultrapeptide is used instead of Liquid Surgery Serum during the stimulate step in the second, or "Treat" phase. Cross Lift Serum Ultrapeptide reduces facial microcontractions. This renews skin structure and increases tissue and cell functions. Pure Perfection 100 N facial lasts 60 minutes and leaves you with more vibrant skin, minus the side effects of surgery.

What Does the "Open, Treat, Close" MBR Skin Care Regimen Accomplish?

During the open phase, deep penetration of key ingredients occurs after dead skin cells are removed. During the second phase "treat" serums renew activity in the dermis or epidermis. Lastly, the close phase seals ingredients into the skin, ensuring their effects for the long-term.