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Eyelash Growth

Natural Treatments to Grow Eyelashes

If you have thin or brittle eyelashes, and are tired of using fake eyelashes and lots of mascara, there are several treatments to help you naturally grow eyelashes. Many people experience Hypotrichosis, or the condition of having thin or inadequate eyelashes. Individuals with Hypotrichosis often assume there’s nothing they can do about skimpy eyelashes except camouflage them with extensions or makeup, but there are proven medical treatments for thin lashes.

Topical solutions applied to the base of your eyelashes help you grow long, lush eyelashes naturally. You don’t need to depend on false eyelashes, eyeliner or mascara to make your lashes and eyes look more attractive. There are a few non-prescription eyelash growth serums you can apply at home to slowly and safely obtain big lashes. For best results, however, many people rely on a prescription topical solution made with Bimatoprost, an ingredient shown to make eyelashes grow.

Men and women of all ages who want thicker, fuller, darker lashes should consider an easy-to-use eyelash treatment from MyBotoxLA.

What Causes Skimpy Eyelashes?

Eyelashes thin out naturally as we age. You may experience loss of skin moisture in your mid-to- late 30s or 40s that leads to poor follicle stimulation and eyelash loss.

Rubbing your eyes a lot or using false eyelashes and mascara too often can also lead to thinning and insufficient eyelashes. Other people have thin lashes due to genetics, especially fair-skinned blondes and redheads.

Prescription Solution for Longer, Fuller Eyelashes

MyBotoxLA can provide you with a prescription for a Bimatoprost-based topical solution to turn thin, unremarkable lashes into full, beautiful eyelashes. Prescription solutions work gradually, with full results visible after four months of nightly application.

After four months, you’ll still need to continue using the Bimatoprost topical solution to maintain long, dark lashes. If you stop using the solution, your eyelashes will return to their original appearance in a few weeks or months. You’ll have to begin the application process over a 16 week period again to regrow lashes.

After the first 16 weeks of use, visit our medical aesthetician for to discuss the best way to use lash-lengthening solution on a long-term basis. Your needs may be different than other patients, so it’s important to arrange a consultation before using Bimatoprost topical solution after 16 weeks.

When using a Bimatoprost solution for eyelashes, you’ll notice your lashes getting longer during the fist few weeks. Gradually, your eyelashes then turn thicker and darker. Continue to use the topical lash-lengthening solution and you’ll see full results at week 16.

You can still use mascara, eyeliner and other eye makeup when using a Bimatoprost solution. After applying the solution, blot excess with a tissue and wait about 15 minutes to apply eye makeup.

Applying Bimatoprost Solution for Eyelash Growth

Apply prescription Bimatoprost Solution at night before going to bed. Take off all eye makeup and cleanse your face as usual. Remove the applicator from its tray. Put one drop of the solution close to the tip of the applicator, but not right on the tip. Run the applicator tip along the base of your upper eyelashes, going from the inner to the outer part of your lash line. Be careful not to drop any solution into your eye or lower lid, as it may cause hair growth in those areas.

Blot excess solution with a tissue, and throw the used applicator away. You’ll need to use a fresh applicator each time you apply the Bimatoprost Solution. Applicators are included with your prescription. Don’t use any other type of applicator, as they may not be safe or sterile. If you run out of applicators before running out of solution, ask your medical provider for a new supply.

Other Bimatoprost application tips:

  • If you wear contacts, take them out before applying solution and put them back in 15 minutes after application.
  • Don’t let the tip of the bottle touch your fingers or any other surface; this may cause contamination
  • Use a new, sterile applicator for each eyelid (two applicators each night).

Side Effects and Precautions for Bimatoprost Solution

Most patients don’t experience any problems when using Bimatoprost solution. In some cases, users may experience the following side effects:

  • Darkening of the eyelid skin
  • Itching
  • Red eyelids
  • Dry eyes
  • Increased brown iris pigmentation
  • Hair growth in other areas if solution touches other parts of the face

The length, thickness, direction of eyelash growth and darkness of eyelashes may be different on each eye. If this occurs, these changes will go away when you stop using Bimatoprost Solution.

Patients with  intraocular inflammation should contact their doctor before receiving eyelash treatment with Bimatoprost.

If you suffer eye trauma or infection, conjunctivitis or have ocular surgery while using Bimatoprost solution, contact your doctor before continuing use.

Non-Prescription Eyelash Treatments

A non-prescription eyelash serum offers a natural way to gradually make lashes darker and thicker. For many people, a prescription Bimatoprost solution gets better results, but others prefer non-prescription serums. The best eyelash enhancers are available from aestheticians and medi-spas. Generic eyelash serums from retail stores may not be as effective.

A non-prescription eyelash serum usually contains a combination of nourishing vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients to gradually grow eyelashes. Some of the ingredients in non-prescription eyelash enhancers may include:

  • Biotin (Vitamin B7)
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Chamomile
  • Prostaglandin derivatives
  • Plant extracts
  • Peptides
  • Amino Acids

Apply non-prescription eyelash serum at night after washing your face. The serum is applied along the base of the eyelid, just like Bimatoprost solution. Avoid dropping any of the serum onto your eyes or face, and don’t let the applicator wand touch your fingers or other surfaces.

Ask our medical aesthetician how often you should apply the serum after your desired lash thickness and length has been reached. Most people can continue to see results applying a serum to grow eyelashes two or three times a week.

Contact MyBotoxLA today to learn more about how to grow eyelashes with a prescription Bimatoprost solution or an eyelash serum.