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Los Angeles Neighborhoods

Every big city in the country has a number of neighborhoods in and around it. Yet, none are as iconic and famous as the neighborhoods you’ll find in Los Angeles! Steeped in rich history, fun entertainment, and full of stars of every type, L.A. has everything imaginable. Of course, downtown Los Angeles is the place to be, but you’ll get plenty of enjoyment out of the areas that give this city its worldwide reputation.

Venice Beach, the Hollywood Hills, Bel Air, Studio City, Koreatown, North Hollywood, the Arts District, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica are all places frequented by travelers. Equally infamous are the neighborhoods of Compton, Skid Row, Hyde Park, and the South-Central areas. They are just as popular but for different reasons. Many of these places have become an inspiration for rap songs and provide a lot of history regarding the Civil Rights movement.

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