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Hair loss, in males and females has been a huge problem. It’s not just about vanity here. Our hair is such a connected part of our appearance that it makes a huge difference in a person’s confidence and self image. For women in particular, suffering from alopecia (condition that causes baldness in men and women) can be extremely harrowing, shattering their self confidence and forcing them to resort to wearing wigs or to opt to get hair transplants. Our PRP hair treatment in Sherman Oaks may be what you've been looking for.

Hair transplants not only can be more costly, they can also be rejected by the body and fall out with ease. For this reason, it is a good option to look for alternative methods. Among these, there is one known as PRP – platelet rich plasma procedure that is extremely safe and has successfully produced great results.

The best part is that it is completely non-invasive which means that a person can easily make use of this process without having to worry about the downtime and discomfort associated with surgical procedures. In comparison to that, PRP treatment is both cost-effective and produces favorable results.

What is PRP Therapy?

Before you opt to get PRP injections, it is a good idea to take some time to understand what the process actually involves and what it entails. For PRP therapy, proper consultation is necessary to determine the severity of the alopecia as well as the chances of success that a person stands to gain from the procedure.

Once their suitability is determined, the specialist usually withdraws a certain amount of blood from the person. This is then placed in a test tube that is inserted in the centrifuge. With the help of the centrifuge, the platelets in the blood are separated from the plasma. They are then treated in order to be activated. This enhanced solution is then injected into the scalp, where it then signals growth of new cells and proteins.

This solution has proven to be very effective and has helped a large number of people. The best part is that PRP treatment is an FDA-approved process and is conducted under clinical conditions in order to ensure that the whole process is as hygienic as possible.

Why is it a Good Option?

For many people, PRP treatments have proven to be the best option. Originally, PRP injections were used in aiding muscle repair, but the solution has shown favorable results when it comes to treating alopecia as well.

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is also a good option for people who are unable to get a hair transplant and would benefit more from non-invasive surgical methods. The following are a few more points that showcase why PRP therapy is a good idea.

  • Completely Natural – In many cosmetic procedures, you have to keep a person’s allergies and other things in mind. On the other hand, the risk of any problems with PRP treatment is extremely low since the plasma solution is created from a person’s own blood. No one is injected with anyone else’s solution. Moreover, this activated plasma also triggers a completely normal and natural process in the body. Growth of new hair follicles occurs in a natural manner which is in line with the natural growth process of the body.
  • More Benefits – The PRP injection solution that is injected into the body is beneficial in helping with a number of other ailments such as bumps, bruises, muscle injuries and more. It also helps boost the growth protein in the body which works naturally to produce stronger and more hair follicles on the scalp. Given time, these then grow into natural, healthy hair that is resistant to alopecia.
  • Low Recovery Time – With surgical procedures, such as transplants, a person needs to take some time off since their scalp can be tender, swollen and bruised. Luckily, with PRP therapy, there are no such things to look out for. As a non-invasive procedure that can be administered with the help of an injection and requires around 30 to 45 minutes, a person rarely ever needs more than a day to recover from the procedure. Even then, they can easily resume their regular activities after a session of PRP injections.
  • Slow but Steady Results – While hair transplants usually show a person visible results, with PRP treatment, a person can expect slow but steady results. Repeat sessions are needed and results are usually visible around the 3rd or 6th month for certain cases. Nonetheless, these are more permanent and more natural results. Keep in mind that the severity of alopecia will definitely make an impact on the kind of hair growth you experience from the use of Platelet Rich Plasma.
  • Painless PRP  therapy is a virtually painless as compared to processes such as hair transplants which leave the scalp swollen and tender. While PRP injections can cause some mild discomfort, it is usually not intolerable and one can easily bear with it throughout the process. Inflammation and temporary soreness are common but extreme discomfort is rarely experienced.

All these reasons and more contribute to make PRP treatment a good process to consider, especially for alopecia patients.

Getting PRP from a Professional

Due to the fact that PRP injections requires extraction of the blood and using your own plasma to create the solution, it is a good idea to get it done by a professional to ensure that there is no chance of contamination of the solution. Cleanliness is also important so keep it in mind since blood extraction and the injection of the Platelet Rich Plasma should be conducted as cleanly as possible.

Moreover, it is also recommended that you get a consultation session with our specialists in order to determine your eligibility for the PRP treatment. With this, it ensures that you are a good candidate for the PRP therapy and we can provide you better chances of seeing results from the procedure.

If you want to get PRP therapy for hair growth or you would like some more information regarding PRP treatment from our professionals, please feel free to get in touch with and drop us a line.

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) – Q & A

Using Platelet rich plasma in treatment is the new practice being introduced that has shown some amazing results, particularly in aiding the re-growth of new skin cells, hair and more. It has proven to be an invaluable tool which has benefited athletes in recovering from muscle injuries and it’s being used to treat hair loss as well. The following are some of the most common questions you might have regarding the procedure:

What is Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP Treatment?

Platelet Rich Plasma, also known as PRP, is a concentrated solution crafted using the platelets found in the plasma of your own blood. Apart from the platelets, PRP solutions also contain bioactive proteins and other complex nutrients and vitamins that aid in the re-growth of hair and in healing, particularly muscle injuries.

How Is PRP Harvesting Done?

Harvesting for PRP treatments is done with the help of a collection tube. A practitioner will draw a blood sample from you, similar to that amount that is required to conduct a lab test. This tube will then be placed in a centrifuge that will separate the platelets in your blood. These platelets will then be treated and concentrated in plasma. Once they are activated in this manner, they are able to produce and signal to proteins that facilitate cell growth and wound repair.

Are PRP Treatments Safe?

Since the process makes use of a person’s own platelets, PRP injections are completely safe for use. Blood sample should be drawn and processed in a completely safe and sterile area so as to avoid any chances of contamination. Care should be taken to ensure that the whole process is conducted in a clean, sterile manner.

What does the PRP treatment do?

PRP treatment is popularly used to reverse the cause of balding. It does so by halting and even reversing miniaturization which is responsible for causing baldness. Physicians use PRP injections in order to stimulate growth of healthy hair follicles in both men and women.

How Does PRP Injections Aid in Growth and Other Effects?

PRP injections benefit the body in a number of different manners such as the ones mentioned below:

  • It promotes the synthesis of new blood vessels as well as strengthens older ones.
  • It promotes the growth of collagen and the production of fibrin mesh.
  • It aids in production of healthy cells and repairs damaged tissues.

How long does One PRP Treatment Session Take?

The time required for each session, including the drawing of the blood and preparing the plasma, is based on how extensive the procedure is. Usually, a session can easily last up to 30 to 45 minutes. You can talk to your physician to get a clear idea about this aspect.

How many PRP Therapy Sessions are needed to see Results?

The number of sessions you require can vary based on the extent of alopecia. Your medical physician will be better able to define a treatment plan for you and your individual needs.

Can a PRP Injection be painful?

While it isn’t likely to cause pain, there is mild discomfort caused by the PRP injection. Your scalp will also experience some temporary soreness as well as inflammation on the treatment area. Luckily, this is usually easily resolved and there is nothing else to suffer from.

Is PRP safe?

Since Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is derived from a person’s own blood, it drastically reduces the chances of a person suffering a rejection or an allergic reaction from the use of PRP.  This is one reason why people opt to use platelet rich plasma as it can safely stimulate the growth of their hair, especially for people who are unable to use other modes of treatment. It is also great for people who want to get treatment done in the crown area but which are not a candidate for a hair transplant due to any reason.

Who Should Avoid Getting PRP Therapy?

While PRP therapy is usually recommended and safe for anyone, if a person is weak and anemic, it is a good idea to avoid PRP. Patients who have blood-related diseases are also not recommended to make use of PRP as it might have a negative impact on their overall health. Always get a consultation from your doctor and the person who will be conducting the procedure to ensure that you will be safe and healthy.

When Can I Start Seeing Results?

While PRP is very effective, you will have to be very patient with the results. Usually, you can see the results coming in by 3 or 6 months. On the other hand, this response can differ from person to person, with some getting the effects of PRP earlier whereas others might have to see the effects after 6 months.

Is It Okay to Go Back to Work After a PRP Treatment?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to go back to work after you have a PRP treatment. However, keep your own comfort in mind. If your scalp feels too inflamed or swollen, be sure to exercise some precaution and keep it out of the sun or covered all the time.

Does it Work on Bald Areas Too?

PRP treatment can produce growth of new hair cells in bald areas on the scalp. However, it gives the best results in areas where there is already some existing, but thinning hair.

How Good Are the Results?

While the platelet rich plasma treatment is still considered to be relatively new, there is substantial data available that showcases the positive results it makes. Moreover, your physician will also work with you to monitor the results you’re getting.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost for your PRP treatment can differ based on the total number of sessions needed as well as the results you are hoping to achieve. Your physician will be able to guide you better regarding this aspect.

Does it require a Consultation?

Before getting PRP treatment, it is a good idea to consult your physician so that you can discuss all your doubts regarding the treatment. You will also be evaluated to see if you are a suitable candidate for it or not.

Are there Any Side Effects to PRP?

PRP is completely safe for use and there are only minor side effects to deal with such as slight discomfort, swelling and temporary inflammation which will subside in a few hours. Since the platelet rich plasma procedure is extremely safe, there’s no cause for alarm here.


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