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Radiesse Renews Collagen and Gives You Younger-Looking, More Radiant Skin

Smooth wrinkles, increase collagen and plump up facial lines with Radiesse dermal filler treatments at MyBotoxLA. Radiesse is injectable dermal filler designed to add volume to aging or thinning skin. It fills in moderate to severe smile lines, marionette lines, folds at the sides of the chin, and facial wrinkles. Radiesse boosts the production of collagen in treated areas, helping your skin restore its youthful luster and fullness. Radiesse+ is pre-mixed with anesthetic Lidocaine to reduce pain and bruising, Radiesse is made from a compound found in collagen. This naturally stimulates collagen production.

Radiesse contains calcium microspheres, which are similar to natural minerals in your body. After injection, your body absorbs these harmless particles, leaving only skin-renewing collagen. The collagen pumps up thinning skin, reducing lines, wrinkles and firming jowls. Collagen and elastin keep our skin moist and supple, but they break down as we age. Radiesse helps rebuild this underlying structure, plumping up skin immediately and aiding future collagen growth.

Radiesse reviews from patients and medical providers on Realself and other sites show satisfactory ratings for Radiesse treatment on nasolabial folds (smile lines), chin wrinkles and sagging jowls and cheeks. If you have loss of skin volume due to aging or weight loss, a Radiesse injection can help restore fullness and make you look younger. If you're worried that dermal fillers will make you look stiff or plastic, try Radiesse. It will give you beautiful, natural results.