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Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our website, MYBOTOXLA.COM, may collect some data while you are using our website. Because we understand the sensitive nature of privacy in the modern world, we pay special attention to how we should respect your privacy and protect your information.

For more information about how we use, communicate, disclose, or otherwise work with any collected data, check out our complete privacy policy about personal information below:

  • Information will only be collected by MYBOTOXLA.COM with the person’s consent when appropriate.
  • Information will only be gathered through fair, honest, and lawful means.
  • Information gathered will be protected from unauthorized use, modification, or copying by our security safeguards, and we will inform you if those safeguards are ever compromised.
  • Personal data will only be stored as long as is necessary. If it becomes irrelevant, the data will be properly erased.
  • We will always tell you why we are collecting data while we are collecting it so that you can know why and give your consent for the specific purpose in question.
  • Collected personal data will only be used for the disclosed purpose unless additional permissions are sought form you, the data owner.
  • Consent for gathering information as required by law will always be followed.
  • Any customer that has questions about how or why we store personal data will be given a full briefing about our practices and data management.

This privacy policy at MYBOTOXLA ensures that confidentiality and security are prized about everything else. This policy might change, and using this site is an agreement to abide by its rules. MYBOTOXLA has the right to modify and enforce the privacy policy as needed. 

In order to improve our customers satisfaction, your call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes.

Disclaimer & Governing Law

All information gathered on MYBOTOXLA.COM is only to be taken “as is.” MYBOTOXLA makes no expressed or implied warranties. MYBOTOXLA also disclaims and negates the following:

  • Implied warranties
  • Conditions of merchantability
  • Abilities for a particular goal
  • Non-infringement or violation of rights, intellectual or otherwise

All of these disclaimers and negations are held without limitation.

Lastly, MYBOTOXLA can in no way guarantee the accuracy or results that will happen when making use of information that is found on this website or within any website that is linked to from this website.

Please take note that all policy, conditions, and terms outlined in the following information are under the laws of California. By visiting this site, you agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of California state courts, and you should know that this site is construed under those laws.

Terms & Use License

Accessing this website expresses an unwritten agreement to our terms of service, any specific and applicable laws or regulations. Additionally, you personally hold the responsibility to follow any local laws that may be applicable.

Should you not agree to these terms, use of MYBOTOXLA.COM is forbidden.

All materials shared on this website are covered by copyright and trademarks as applicable unless otherwise noted.

Should you want to reference the information on this website, you have permission to temporarily download a copy of some information or software used here. This may only be done for personal use and cannot be shared over methods of commercial viewing.

This permission is considered a license grant. With this grant, you cannot make any changes to the material, copy it, rewrite it for your own purposes, or attempt to make a modified duplicate.

If you break any of these guidelines, the temporary license that was granted will be considered invalid. MYBOTOXLA also has the ability to prohibit the use of these materials and end the temporary grant at any time. Should the grant be terminated, all copies of the materials (printed, electronic, or otherwise) must be deleted immediately.


MYBOTOXLA and our suppliers are not liable for damages even if MYBOTOXLA had previous knowledge of the potential for such damages to occur. These damages which MYBOTOXLA is not responsible for include:

  • Data loss due to inability to access MYBOTOXLA.COM
  • Profit loss due to inability to access MYBOTOXLA.COM
  • Business interruption due to inability to access MYBOTOXLA.COM and the materials held on the website

If you live in a jurisdiction in which limitations and implied warranties are not allowed, these limitations do not apply to you. Similarly, they do not apply if you cannot be subjected to a limitation of liability for these types of incidental damages.

Accuracy of Materials & Links

MYBOTOXLA cannot guarantee that every piece of information on this website is current, finished, or accurate. As such, the content can be edited at any time and for any reason. Additionally, there could be errors in the text, titles, technical aspects, or photographs on the site.

Though MYBOTOXLA is allowed to update the material at any time, there is no guarantee in place that the information will be consistently up-to-date.

MYBOTOXLA is not responsible, liable, or complacent in everything that happens on sites that are linked to on this website. MYBOTOXLA doesn’t review all of the content on those sites, and entering one of those sites is done at your own risk. We do not endorse sites that we link to.

Potential Changes

MYBOTOXLA is permitted to change the terms of service for MYBOTOXLA.COM without any prior notice. Even if it changes, using this website is an agreement to follow the current version of the laws as they have been presented in the Terms of Service.