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Botox Products

BOTOX is one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the United States, and MyBotoxLA is one of the leading BOTOX providers for Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, and nearby communities. BOTOX procedures are conducted by Yana Pechenik, M.P.A., PA-C., our lead Physician Assistant.

Patients interested in BOTOX are encouraged to explore all of the treatment options available with a consultation at MyBotoxLA. For additional information about BOTOX, please visit our BOTOX treatments page.

The Cost of Botox Injections

The cost for BOTOX treatment is calculated by the area(s) to be treated, as well as the number of BOTOX injections that are necessary. Individual costs for Botox vary by patient. Full information about the cost of BOTOX treatment will be included as part of your consultation.

What You Need to Know About Discounted BOTOX Costs

Different providers have different rates for BOTOX products and BOTOX injection sessions. While price is always a crucial factor for consumers when selecting a cosmetic services provider, it should certainly not be the only factor, or even the most important one. Cosmetic procedures are elective in nature, but that does not mean there are no medical risks to the patient. Some important additional factors, besides the cost for BOTOX, to weigh when selecting a BOTOX services provider are:

  • Safe & well-maintained facility
  • Consultation services
  • Professional cosmetic services provider
  • Experienced BOTOX provider
  • Follow-up services

One emerging trend in BOTOX treatment and the cost for BOTOX is so-called 'cosmetic parties' or 'BOTOX parties,' in which a group of patients gather at a private residence (often the physician's home) to undergo BOTOX injection procedures at a reduced price. Such a setting is obviously not ideal, and the rush to realize minor savings in the cost of BOTOX can lead to increased risk of medical complications. Accordingly, both the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery have issued warnings to patients against such parties.

Additionally, should complications result from a botched injection procedure at one of these parties, both homeowners and medical insurance companies have been reluctant to assume the burden of liability - the victim could be left with sole responsibility for significant injuries & medical expenses. Saving a few dollars on the initial cost of BOTOX could result in huge expenses later on.

For these reasons, we at MyBotoxLA do not recommend that patients undergo any cosmetics procedure outside of a medical office or clinical venue.