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Face and Body Contouring

Common Questions

What Does Viora Body Contouring Do?

It reduces cellulite! - Exercise and weight loss can only do so much for those ugly lumps and dimples on your buttocks, thighs, knees and hips. Viora Reaction CORE technology penetrates deep into underlying skin layers to increase collagen growth and smooth unsightly cellulite, giving you a shapely figure again.

It tightens lax skin! - Viora Reaction is a non-invasive alternative to surgery that uses bi-polar radio frequency (RF) waves to heat the dermis and strengthen collagen fibers. Tissue fibers contract during treatment for better body shaping, and deep penetrating RF waves stimulate collagen growth to keep skin taut after treatment.

It reduces the appearance of stretch marks! - The visible outer skin surface is called the epidermis. The deep pink second skin layer, the dermis, splits or ruptures if the abdomen skin stretches too much during pregnancy. This results in a striae or stretch mark.

When the dermis ruptures for any reason, it inhibits collagen production. Collagen is the primary substance in the dermis (which gives skin a vibrant, firm look) and when the skin stretches it disrupts normal collagen production.

How does Viora body contouring work?

To tighten loose skin, reduce cellulite, and reduce stretch marks (all causes of a less than ideal physique), the dermis must rebuild collagen. Viora Reaction tightens skin, causing the stretched skin to come together. It tightens and shrinks the fat cells and stimulates the growth of new collagen to keep your skin tighter while it reduces the appearance of cellulite.

How is RF technology used for body shaping?

Viora Reaction delivers thermal heat to the deepest parts of the dermis layer, which holds the greatest elasticity. This enables the RF device to enhance collagen production while it tightens skin.

How does Viora Reaction face & body contouring compare to liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure to removes excess fatty deposits from the stomach, thighs or other parts of the body. It's usually performed at a surgery center or hospital and may require an overnight stay if large amounts of fat are being removed. Local or general anesthesia is administered, depending on the amount of fat removal. Recovery takes anywhere from a few days to several weeks, and patients need to recover at home for at least a few days. Most patients have bruising, swelling and soreness for at least a few weeks after liposuction. Liposuction alone does not tighten your skin, it simply removes the fat. In most cases a tummy tuck is required in addition to the liposuction surgery.

Viora Reaction body contouring is performed in our office and the procedure takes no longer than 30 minutes for most patients. You may feel some heat as our practitioner runs the Viora Reaction hand piece over your skin, but there's no pain or side effects associated with the procedure - or any downtime.

Is Viora Reaction for Body Contouring Safe?

Yes! Viora Reaction is FDA-approved and completely safe when administered by our trained practitioner. You may feel some heat on your skin during treatment, but the Viora Reaction hand piece has a cooling tip to prevent discomfort