Coolsculpting: It’s not Weight Loss, It’s Fat Loss

Whenever most people think about losing weight and getting in shape, what comes to mind is usually a tough exercise regimen. Invasive surgical procedures like liposuction often come to mind for those willing to take more extreme measures. However, there are better and less invasive ways of achieving the same results. You can eliminate the stubborn lumps of fat on most parts of the body. This will result in a fitter body, making you feel and look good. You can feel more confident wearing bikinis and exposing more skin. By visiting a botox Los Angeles medical spa, you can achieve all the aforementioned desirable results without the associated scars of invasive surgical procedures. Coolsculpting is the procedure that leads to such impressive results.
Coolsculpting is becoming a popular alternative to other body fat reduction methods. It eliminates stubborn body layers of body fat through a process that involves freezing them, after which they are removed from the body. All of this is done without the need for any invasive surgical procedure.
If you visit a site like, you can find out more about other body sculpting procedures that help achieve similar results though some of them can be invasive. Coolsculpting is preferred by many because it is non-surgical and achieves great results.

What is Stubborn Fat?

Getting rid of body fat can become very difficult for some individuals. Such individuals are usually predisposed to accumulate fat in certain body parts, fats that may not easily melt away even with strict exercise and diet regimens. It is commonly referred to as stubborn fat. Genetics is a key factor here. It determines the number and character of fat cells (adipocytes) in your body. As such, even during childhood and adolescence, the amount of fat cells doesn’t change that much. Groups of such fat cells can accumulate significant amounts of fat. The body’s metabolic processes, and other external factors like exercise, may not be sufficient to eliminate them promptly. These are responsible for forming stubborn pockets of fat. For instance, fat can accumulate beneath the skin in areas around the hip area and form protrusions, the so-called “love handles.” Just like other body characteristics, genetics determine the amounts of stubborn fat in different individuals.

Coolsculpting is Not a Weight Loss Program; It’s a Fat Reduction Treatment

For many people, weight loss and fat reduction are one and the same. However, there are some differences. Understanding some of the body’s basic constituent substances helps to highlight such differences. Body fat refers to the body’s amounts of fat in all tissues. The adipocytes (fat cells) are responsible for housing this fat.
The fat cells and all other tissues account for total body weight. Water is a crucial part of the other non-fat body tissues. Losing weight involves reducing the body mass, whether fat content or water. While fat reduction can lead to weight loss, the two are not always synonymous. Additionally, losing weight is no guarantee of a well-sculpted body, something that fat reduction techniques like coolscupting offer. While a general weight loss program often needs a minimum of a few weeks to see demonstrable results, you can lose body fat using sculpting in as little as a few hours.

How Coolsculpting Works

Coolsculpting utilizes extremely low temperatures to get rid of fat cells. Unlike similar fat reduction procedures that cause the explosion of fat cells, coolsculpting results in the freezing of the fat cells. This freezing action results in the death of the fat cells. The body then eliminates the destroyed fat cells as metabolic waste, leaving a well-contoured area where there was once a lump of fat cells. Coolsculpting can work for one specific body part. For instance, it can be used to get rid of flappy underarm fat without affecting the nearby muscles.
An average coolsculpting procedure starts with the application of some protective gel on the body area where the procedure is to be performed. This ensures that your skin doesn’t bear the brunt of the freezing treatment involved. The coolsculpting device is very similar to an oversized vacuum hose; it is pressed against the skin above the body area where the procedure is to be performed. You’ll feel a cold sensation during this freezing procedure as the device freezes the fat cells below the skin. This is then followed by a pull. You’ll feel the device tugging tightly against your skin for a few moments after experiencing the cold sensation. This is all to ensure that the treated area is cooled properly. After the tugging, a sensation of intense coldness follows, which is then accompanied by a numb feeling on the skin area. After some moments, these sensations will subside, signaling the end of the treatment.
Intense cold is detrimental to fat cells without damaging the other cells. After the treatment, you may experience some tingling sensations and redness on the body area that was treated. Otherwise, you should be able to resume normal activities almost immediately after the procedure.

What Coolsculpting Doesn’t Do

While coolsculpting is very effective at getting rid of excess body fat almost immediately, it is not the same as weight loss. Many overweight individuals think it can solve all their weight issues. For proper weight loss, good dieting, regular exercise, and other healthy lifestyle habits are the way to go. Even for individuals that may just want to lose excess fat in specific body areas, poor eating habits and a lack of exercise will eventually outdo all the
results of coolsculpting.
Coolsculpting is also not a solution to sagging skin. When an individual develops loose skin due to unwanted fat accumulation in specific body areas, coolsculpting cannot reverse this. While the fat may be eliminated, the sagging skin won’t go back to normal.
Ultimately, most people faced with issues of excess fat always think of surgical intervention to solve this problem. However, coolsculpting is a more effective and safer way. At My Botox LA Med Spa, we’ve provided coolsculpting services for clients, leading to impressive results. We believe in this non-invasive procedure, meaning no risk of all the complications associated with surgery. Our experts are well-versed in getting rid of excess body fat through this method. Call us today to schedule an appointment. You can reach us at

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