Top 7 Things Not To Do After Botox

Botox Aftercare

Botox is a man-made form of Botulinum Toxin, found naturally in some types of bacteria. When injected into the targeted area, it temporarily paralyzes muscle movement by interfering with signals from nerves to muscles. The injection procedure can cause facial lines and wrinkles to be smoothed more quickly than they normally appear as you age. The treatment typically has no harmful side effects or adverse reactions – since only individual active ingredients enter your body (no chemical substances). Moreover, no surgery nor recovery time is required after treatment, unlike other invasive procedures like facelifts, etc., which require a prolonged period before patients can go back to their normal daily activities. Clinical studies have shown that Botox injections halt nerve impulses for up to 4 months. However, before you go out to show your friends the results of your Botox treatment, here is a list of 7 things you should not do after getting botox in Los Angeles.

1. Rubbing Your Face

The Botox procedure may feel a bit uncomfortable initially, though you won’t experience much pain or discomfort. Your face muscles will get tensed up during the process, which is normal. Don’t try rubbing or massaging your facial area right after treatment to avoid increased stress on those areas where Botox has been administered.

2. Going Under The Sun And Strong Heat

Skin adversely reacts when overexposed to strong solar rays due to reactions like sunburns, tanning, etc., even more so if one already had undergone Botox treatments. Exposure to heat can cause a reaction to occur sooner than expected/wanted – potentially causing unwanted darkening spots all over treated areas that result in prolonged recovery time. So it’s better to avoid spending too much time outside while waiting until desired results are achieved.

3 . Excessive Exercise

Botox works by temporarily paralyzing specific nerve impulses to the muscle tissues, so it’s advised not to engage in any form of exercise right after Botox treatments. Doing so can cause painful effects on muscles you want to stay active for a while. Avoid intense physical movements for a few days post-treatment, at least until the desired effect kicks in. A good exercise regime should be regular but slow with low-impact workouts.

4. Taking Blood Thinners

Taking blood thinners like Aspirin or Plavix is a major no-no as it may cause excessive bleeding and bruising in the treated areas. Excessive use of these medications should be avoided from 2 weeks prior till up to 3 months after treatment unless your doctor advises otherwise (which will depend on how severe your particular case has been).

5. Drinking Alcohol

Avoid drinking alcohol after the procedure as it affects normal blood coagulation and causes adverse side effects like excessive swelling, skin sensitivity, and the additional risk of bruises and bleeding. Additionally, avoid taking aspirin/ NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) that include Ibuprofen, etc., two weeks before your treatment or up till three months afterward due to potential negative side effects they may cause on the treated area(s). However, consult your doctor first whether it’s safe enough to take these medications during this time span even though both responses depend upon every person individually.

Washing Your Face With Soap

For the first 6 hours after the treatment, you should avoid washing your face altogether. You should then wash your face twice daily after the Botox procedure for the first few days, then make it once or twice per day until desired results are achieved. As an alternative to using antiseptic soap, it is recommended that you use a mild cleanser and lukewarm water, as this will prevent potential skin sensitivity caused by chemicals found in ordinary soaps. This way, you can still keep treated areas hydrated from any possible dryness, ensuring they won’t contract back by themselves prematurely.

Applying Any Topical Products Or Ointments On Your Face Immediately After The Procedure

Patients who undergo Botox injection treatments aren’t allowed nor required to apply topical products like moisturizers etc., before their final consultation check-up with the doctor since all types of those cosmetics may cause unwanted reactions. Therefore, for the first few days after you get treatments done (except when advised by your doctor), it is necessary to take special care of treated areas.

Lying Down On Your Face For The First Few Hours After Treatment

Try not to lie down on your face immediately following the Botox procedure. It is better to keep your head up and avoid sleeping on your side unless advised otherwise by a doctor. This way, you can prevent unwanted stress on treated areas (which are now weak for a short period) due to the contraction response of underlying muscle tissues – since there will be less blood circulation towards those areas.

Lying flat or applying pressure onto the injected site may cause further undesirable results like bruising, leading to complications requiring additional medical attention. You should also try avoiding contact with eyes at all costs, as this method leaves patients prone to infections and an increased risk of swelling. Therefore, opt for eye drops only when necessary until desired healing/recovery time frame has passed without any adverse reactions.

You have to be extra cautious after getting treatments done at your favorite injection center to prevent unwanted complications and negative side effects from post-treatment mistakes. Applying the tips mentioned above is highly advised throughout the recovery period. This way, both patient and clinic staff can determine the amount of progress achieved before final evaluation/consultation with the doctor.

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