Skip the Contouring: Cheek Augmentation Is the Better Way to Go

cheek augmentation

All around the world, people spend hours perfecting the technique of contouring their cheekbones. With makeup shaders and other techniques, contouring can add depth and personality to your face.

But why contour every day when you could opt for something a bit more permanent?

Cheek augmentation is a safe and effective way to get these same results without all the makeup. Whether your cheeks have lost definition through age or if you just want to strengthen your cheek structure, cheekbone enhancement is a simple solution.

Dermal fillers can restore lost volume to your cheeks and enhance the overall appearance of your face.

Still not convinced? There are still more benefits of cheek fillers you can explore-allow us to fill you in.

1. Cheek Fillers Don’t Have to Be Permanent

While you can have a procedure done that will last for months, many fillers are natural and can be removed. If you’re worried that the fillers have been overdone or you don’t like the look as much as you thought you would, you still have options.

During your procedure, our medical provider will allow you to look at your cheeks as they’re being sculpted. If you’d like more or less filler or a different look.

The procedure is completely reversible. The fillers can be dissolved to lessen the effect–or removed entirely.

Otherwise, you can wait the recommended length of time for the fillers to wear down naturally. You can then work with our provider to find a look that works for you.

If you’d like a more permanent filler, you can opt for dermal fillers based in hydroxyapatite instead of hyaluronic acid. These will be thicker and longer lasting–you can go up to a year without touchups.

2. Cheek Fillers Can Reverse Signs of Aging

Most dermal fillers are based on hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance found in the skin. Cheek fillers replace lost hyaluronic acid to your skin–adding volume and a strong facial contour.

As you age, you lose subcutaneous fat in your cheeks, which can result in a loss of volume. This can make your cheeks look hollow or thin. You also lose hyaluronic acid as you age, which can cause your skin to look tired and dull.

Cheek augmentation can replenish the natural curves of your cheeks and keep your skin from looking gaunt or tired.

In addition to highlighting your cheeks, these fillers can also help reduce undereye bags too. By plumping the skin and keeping the cheeks elastic, the skin under your eyes will look less wrinkled and tired. Enhancing your cheek bones with dermal filler will also help improve and lift the areas of the lower face.

While cheek fillers can help, you can also opt for more specialized treatment. Under eye fillers are better suited to the delicate skin under your eyes and can give you a more rested appearance.

3. Complications and Risks Are Rare

When it comes to cheek augmentation, complications are extremely rare but can occur.

There’s a slight risk of an adverse reaction to the topical numbing cream or anesthetic used in the procedure. Sometimes, these complications can arise from the use of tobacco, antidepressants, and other substances. Be sure to disclose any medications or substances you use to our medical provider prior to the procedure.

Some complications post-procedure can include infection, swelling, bruising and allergic reactions.

The best way to prevent these complications is to be selective when choosing a provider and discussing any concerns before the procedure.

4. Recovery Time Is Minimal

Recovery time for cheekbone enhancements is minimal. You’ll feel a slight pinch when the needle is first injected, but the numbing cream will keep the pain to a minimum.

After receiving injections in your cheeks, you’ll be able to return to your normal day to day schedule almost immediately. You may notice redness, bruising, swelling, or injection marks, which will fade after a few hours. The numb feeling from the topical cream will fade after an hour to three hours.

Pain is minimal, but you might experience some discomfort after the treatment. You can take Tylenol to relieve your symptoms and apply ice. Avoid using aspirin or other blood thinners for at least a week after the procedure.

If you notice swelling after the first hour or two, keep your head elevated when sleeping. You can return to your regular activities–but avoid any strenuous exercise or anything that involves significant contact with your face.

5. Cheek Fillers Are Relatively Low Cost

It’s impossible to determine exactly what your injections will cost without having a consultation.

The cost of cheek fillers depends on many factors. Your age, the degree of volume loss, the type of product used, and the results you are trying to achieve can all affect the cost.

Cheek fillers tend to be low cost and relatively simple procedures. The average cost can range from $1300 to $2000.

Remember, you’re not just paying for the product injected into your skin. You’re also paying for the expertise of the person injecting the filler. With their experience, they can give you the exact look that you’re going for without complications.

What You Need to Know About Cheek Augmentation

If you’ve experienced a loss of volume in your cheeks due to aging, weight loss, or other medical issues–or if you just want to enhance the appearance of your cheekbones–you might be the perfect candidate for cheek augmentation.

While filler injections are temporary, they offer an immediate improvement in your appearance. Even better, you can get results with little recovery time and a low risk for complications.

Are you considering cheek augmentation to enhance the definition of your face? Contact us today to learn more about what we offer and schedule a consultation.