Want Hollywood Hair? Consider the Benefits of a PRP Hair Treatment

prp hair treatment

For many people, the pattern of hair loss in your life works the same way. You once had thick, flowing, “Hollywood” hair. Hair loss gradually started to appear in places, and for a while, you were able to ignore it. But at some point, it became too much.

When your hair loss becomes too noticeable, you have to start making changes. You might adjust your hairstyle, try new products, and above all, lose confidence in your appearance. A PRP hair treatment can help you get your confidence back, and start loving your hair the way you used to.

Wondering what PRP hair treatment is, and how it works? We’ve got all the answers here — keep reading to learn more!

What Is PRP Hair Treatment?

PRP stands for “platelet-rich plasma.” This treatment uses your body’s natural growth system to spark new hair growth where you have hair loss.

Your blood mainly contains red blood cells and plasma. The plasma is where platelets and white blood cells are found. Platelets, in particular, play a critical role in growth.

How Platelets Work

Platelets make up just a tiny part of your blood. But they do a big job. They’re essentially pieces of cells that can lock together for purposes like stopping bleeding. That’s why when you get a cut, it doesn’t bleed forever.

They also contain growth factors that can help promote cell growth. That’s why they work so well at sparking new hair growth. Growth factors help signal cells to do their jobs, even when they’ve stopped for a while.

How PRP Treatment for Hair Loss Works

PRP treatment involves non-surgical injections to get those platelets’ growth factors working on your scalp. The treatment uses platelets from your own blood to get safe, effective results.

The blood that’s drawn from you will be put through a centrifuge, which removes the plasma from the blood cells. Finally, the plasma full of stem cells is injected into your scalp where it’s needed most.

It’s a minimally invasive, highly effective procedure.

You can also combine a PRP hair treatment with other hair regrowth treatments to maximize the effects.

PRP Hair Treatment Cost

Although this treatment doesn’t come cheap, you get what you pay for.

You’ll typically get a series of 6 treatments over the course of four to six weeks. After that, you can get maintenance treatments just 3-4 times a year.

For the initial round of treatments, you’ll probably pay around $4200. Each treatment after that can cost $650 or more.

Benefits of PRP Hair Treatment

Not sure if the price of Los Angeles PRP hair treatment is worth it? Let’s look at the many benefits of getting this hair loss remedy.

Improved Quality of Life

First and most importantly, these treatments can improve your quality of life by boosting your hair growth. You’ll get your confidence back, as well as the new opportunities that come with a full head of “Hollywood” hair.

Many people find that having a full head of hair makes life easier, in everything from work to dating. Plus, you’ll feel great about looking in the mirror. It’s certainly hard to put a price tag on benefits like this.

Fast Treatment

These fast, easy treatments don’t require you to take time off work or a day to recover. You’ll be able to drive, work, play, and do everything else like normal as soon as the treatment is complete.

Safe Results

Since you’re getting injected with your own plasma, there aren’t any safety risks involved. Your body can’t reject its own platelets, and you won’t need to worry about infections or other complications from treatment.

Highly Effective

One of the best things about this treatment is that it gets results. Many scientific studies point to the effective regrowth factors of platelets. The results do come gradually — you’ll start to see them in about three months, and will experience full effects a year after treatment. But the wait is worth it.

Minimal Pain

This isn’t a painful procedure.

Works Everywhere

If you have hair loss on other parts of the body, such as your facial hair, this treatment works there too. It isn’t just limited to the hair on your head.

PRP Hair Treatment Process

Wondering what to expect when you book your visit? Let’s take a look at the step-by-step process of getting PRP hair treatment.

Blood Draw

First, you’ll get your blood drawn, most likely from your arms. Then, the platelets get separated out with a centrifuge, which uses centrifugal force to separate fluids.

The centrifuge will parse out your blood into three categories. There are the red blood cells and plasma with little to no platelets. The third category, the platelet-rich plasma, is what you need.


Now the platelet-rich plasma gets injected into your scalp. You’ll get many injections all across the scalp, so the platelets can get where they need to be. However, it’s a fast procedure, and you should be done in less than an hour.


There’s really no recovery time after the procedure. Void washing your hair 24 hours after the treatment.

For example, a hot shower afterward can help the circulation of your scalp, so the platelets can move around. You might also need to take a day off from styling, coloring, or otherwise processing your hair.

Is PRP Hair Treatment Right For You?

If you’re not sure about the results, just Google “PRP hair loss” and see for yourself. PRP hair treatment is one of the most studied and effective ways to treat hair loss today.

Don’t wait to get your confidence back. Learn more about PRP treatments here and book a treatment today!